Case Study

Genesis Baptist Church

Genesis Baptist Church is receiving value through the services ESRA provides.  Church members and staff benefit from a cleaner facility, better communication and information for planning.  Having a well-maintained facility also increases market value of the property.

Genesis Baptist Church (GBC) in Greensboro, North Carolina, has occupied its present facility on Bessemer Avenue since September 1997.  GBC has tried to maintain its facility in several ways.  First with a part-time custodian, then a full-time Maintenance Engineer who passed away; hired a part-time person who used independent contractors as necessary.  All of these were steps in the right direction.  As the facility continues to age maintenance is more crucial, so GBC sought options to improve care of the facility and add something it did not previously have: a maintenance plan that was comprehensive, prioritized the needs and put them on a timetable for completion.

In June 2010, the church engaged ESRA to provide janitorial services and added lawn care and preventive maintenance in 2011.  The decision came after Robert Rogers, ESRA’s founder, gave a presentation to the church’s Trustees.  Rogers explains the importance of church facility maintenance:  “First, it is God’s house – there are biblical references to how the Temple was to look.  Then there are first impressions – curb appeal if you will – a significant factor when people are looking at a church home.  Finally, it is important to take care of the church as part of practicing good stewardship.  If you don’t take care of God’s house, it says some-thing about your attentiveness to Him.  It shows reverence to God.”

Today, GBC’s facility is cleaner and communication is better because the church has just a single person to contact who manages all the issues. Pastor Gregory Headon concludes, “We think that our planning will be much better because we will know what the priorities are for maintenance and how to budget for them.”


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